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Written by Lt Col Paul Mondoux   
Sunday, 30 November 2008 12:39

IMU Installation NH WING

Initial Requirements: Install IMU on Computer and download a Database

Assumption: Your computer is loaded with Windows XP or equivalent. You have some mission staff rating, or have someone else will provide the database for you.

1. Open Internet Explorer (NOT Netscape) and go to

2. Click Web WMU link, choose Continue to this website (not recommended) link, if you see the Security web page.
Alternately, click IMU link, choose Continue to this website (not recommended) link, if you see the Security web page, enter your CAPID and Password, then press Submit button to go directly to step 8 below. Get a database from the  WMU.NAT.CAP.GOV website or someone who can generate one using steps 3-7 below.

3. If you are an Incident Commander or Flight Release Officer, FIRST TIME, press the FRO button, login as described in Step 4, then press the FRO Pin # button to set your PIN, following directions, then press the Back arrow at top of Internet Explorer until you get back to the Main Menu.

4. Press the Incident Commander button, enter your CAPID and Password (first time you create password), then press the Submit button.

5. Press the Download Wing Database button.

6. Click the link Download current IMU Application Release and/or Register as an IMU User, the last link. (Pressing the IMU link on the top-level page is a short-cut to this last link).

7. Click the link, accept the certificate and allow the executable to run (this needs to be done only first time IMU is loaded).

8. Click the link that says “The current IMU-2 Release is Release x.x.x.xx” and save the IMU executable.

9. Press the Back arrow at top of Internet Explorer to return to the previous web page (only if you came thru the Web WMU link, if you came thru the IMU link, get a database as described above, then skip to Step 11).

10. Click the link Download current IMU2 database for selected wing(s), the top link. Select the wings required (it preselects your own wing) and, if desired, add any old missions or other Wings and Regions you want to add to the database (NONE are required). Now click the Build IMU2 Database button and WAIT for the link to appear and follow directions (Right click here to download the database to your computer). This may take as much as 10 minutes, so BE PATIENT.

11. If Framework 1.1 is not installed on your computer, go to and download and install Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1. (it must be 1.1, NOT 2.0). ( IMU Will tell you during the installation if you do not have 1.1)

12. Create directory on C: drive (or other drive if desired) called “IMUdb”. After creating it, right-click on folder IMUdb and select Properties, go to Shared tab and share the directory (be sure to check the box “Allow network users to change my files”). IMU will not work in LAN or Virtual modes if you don’t do this.

13. Place database that you downloaded (something like NHNET2wing.mdb) into the IMUdb directory.

14. Finally, install the IMU software that you downloaded in step 8 above.

15. The first time you start IMU (by double-clicking on IMU icon on your desktop), it will ask you where to find the database file; you’ll never see this again, unless you delete or move the IMUdb directory.

16. On the IMU Setup page, select the Wing (must match the wing in the filename specified in step 13), and select the Base Name (use 3-letter designator of mission base, the IC will tell you what it is). If modes LAN, Virtual and WMU Archive are Grayed out, you have no access to Internet, recheck steps 11-12 carefully. If necessary, try turning off your Firewall; if these check boxes now appear, then your Firewall must be modified to include a rule to allow access from the IMU software.

17. Read the Help files shown on IMU Setup page prior to pressing Start Application button, these describe the steps to initially set up IMU in more detail.

18. For the most part if we have Interent access we are running IMU in Vertual CLient Server Mode. After inital setup as detailed above to Setup Virtual Server Mode (you must have internet access) and need to sync with the current NH Wing database being used.

19. Run IMU2 but do not login

20. Select File, System Parameters,  FTP Information, Server Client Mode

21. For URL or IP Address enter >

22. For FTP URL to Host Database Enter >

23. Select get database From Host Site (This will download the current database to your machine)

24. After download is complete Select Save and Use.

25. Select Virtual Internet Server Client

For the URL Enter

26. Start Application


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